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The opening of the Yorùbá Nation Consular Services (YNCS) in the United Kingdom and the United States of America was the first bold expression of the Yorùbá people both in Yorùbá land in West Africa and those in the diaspora of our determination to showcase our ability to build and manage a cohesion of Yorùbá community bonded by our innate voluntary welfare spirit, our home-grown care and concern for one another wherever we meet in the world and our solid readiness now for self-determination.

Yorùbá Consular Welfare Support Service (YCWSS) is the first department of the YNCS. It is a voluntary workers’ (honorary consuls) department and the first consular services outlet by Yorùbá nationals for Yorùbá indigenes living outside Yorùbá land, hence its creation defines and starts the first Yorùbá Nation consular services worldwide since the Western Region. Other consular services that are diplomatic will follow once they become authorised. We the Yorùbá people are determined to build a strong community in every country that we find ourselves in the world, bonded by the indestructible home training and homeland culture we imbibed from our parents and guardians which even though may have been weakened by the length of time that we have been outside of our Yorùbá land in West Africa but which we are fully determined to keep alive. It is convincingly found in our age-old Yorùbá culture for Yorùbá to help, assist, commune, welcome, cooperate, respect and give gifts to one another, strangers, slaves (bi ase bi eru ni ase bi omo) many a times in surplus measures. The culture in many other countries in the diaspora are sometimes strange to us and really are too cold for our comfort, especially where our next door neighbours recoil to themselves and one may never know who one’s neighbours are even when we’ve shared the same block of flats for many years.

YCWSS – The next move

YCWSS is the next move of the Yorùbá people living outside Yorùbá land in West Africa to define, to create the needed global awareness, and to announce our arrival on the international scene as a powerful race who are in millions all over the world providing the best resources internationally as we have it reported in the USA and the UK. The Yorùbá being the most populous in the country that is currently with the highest population in Africa, are therefore, the largest single black ethnic race in the world. We are, therefore, most qualified and overdue to have our own sovereign country not shared with any other nation.

Through the activities of YCWSS we have begun the process of calling back together all our people worldwide, to employ the best of what we have learnt ‘back home’, the best of our culture in volunteering and in giving, and our large numbers in many nations all over the world to engineer progress for our immediate communities, for our people and most especially for the sovereignty our Yorùbá land in West Africa. A highpoint of our consular activity will be to instal Oba Yorùbá United Kingdom and Oba Yorùbá United States of America. We number in millions in these countries and this alone justifies our taking these steps to preserve our culture and language worldwide. Else Yorùbá is dissolved into the fast-moving foreign cultures, we will take Yorùbá to our people wherever they are in the world and thereby keep our bond.

This website will continue to be updated with new services, information and capabilities. The initial services will be provided in the UK and the United States. As more countries and consular services are added they will be announced here.

All our services are free for all Yorùbá people and they will be delivered by trained honorary consuls. Every call served will be logged and all personal data of beneficiaries will be limited to use for communications with them only. So, our people must not lose their telephone service passwords or PIN as we will discuss only with the registered beneficiary or their nominated representatives, or parents in the case of minors. All personal data will be kept by YCWSS only with the permission of the beneficiary and subject to the regulations of GDPR 2018 and relevant policies of YNCS and YCWSS.

New voluntary honorary consuls will be welcome. All donors will be welcomed and acknowledged. Please call any of the telephone numbers provided below. All volunteers will be required to attend and pass our full training before they can attend to members of the public; and all policies, rules and regulations of YNCS and YCWSS will be followed regarding continual assessments and DBS checks. There will be zero tolerance for any misconduct or abuse of position by any serving volunteer, and we expect reciprocation of full respect to our volunteers by the beneficiaries and all callers. We reserve the right to reject a user or cancel any active service to any user of our services at any time without notice.

Our mantra will always be formal and professional. We will only provide a service where we are able to do so legally and where we have the required resources in place.

We welcome good advice from all our omo Yorùbá as this project is for all Yorùbá descendants in the diaspora, and Yorùbá Nation Consular Services will work together with any organisation that has similar purposes and objectives to ours.

Our Consular Services

The Yorùbá Nation Consular Services currently offer the following support services.

24/7 telephone service

This service provides the entry medium and initial registration point for almost all our services. It also provides the entry medium for all enquiries on living and life matters in the foreign country or state where you reside, the services provided, the emergency services, information and advice, directions, events, how to adapt, what the law says, how they do things there, how they react to issues and other people, etc. This also includes advisory on how Yorùbá communities can be set up and how they can make the best use of the opportunities provided to ethnic communities in their local countries, etc. – currently only for UK and the US. If necessary, further arrangements will follow from the first telephone conversation. We will add services in other nations as we have volunteers for them there.

Immigration, residency, citizenship

We have retained some solicitors and experts from our Yorùbá people, who are willing to offer much help including providing fee waivers

Traveling to and living abroad

Please call our welfare numbers if you are traveling to the UK or US especially for the first time and you need the necessary initial help to find your way around or to get you established more quickly.

Yoruba shops and products

We are currently compiling the list of all Yorùbá owned shops in the UK and the US. We will give you directions and advice based on the list already compiled.

Elderly care and socials

Subject to the relevant rules and laws in each base country, we will provide social visitations, homely companionship, progression plan, etc. just as we have it back home, to our elderly Yorùbá Nation citizens who desire and register us for this purpose

Training and Development

Programmes – language, culture, citizenship, Yorùbá governance and political participation, etc. for young people, single mothers, the elderly as well as for members of the public that are interested in Yorùbá Nation will be developed and delivered. We will register with local licensed organisations as required to deliver this service.

Next of Kin

We offer this support to our people where they satisfy the requirements.


We will give our enquirers information on events happening back home as much as, and as current as, we have them especially during uncertain times and about specifically affected areas. We have contacts and media connections with Yorùbá people worldwide from whom we obtain up to date news.

Student Research Projects

We assist with all academic research projects to help with building and getting questionnaires distributed and filled. The projects could be in any area related to Yorùbá culture, Yorùbá land, Yorùbá Nation or Yorùbá in the diaspora.

Agba ko ni tan ni’le Yoruba

There are some issues that come up between Yorùbá acquaintances or families that are best attended to and can only be solved finally through the attendance of Yorùbá elders. We will retain a board of elders, who are matured and experienced in life matters and Yorùbá-ness, who can sit to give sound advice in such cases if agreed to by the parties, as it is said, agba kii wa l’oja ki ori omo titun wo; this will come alive through the services of YCWSS. We will eventually set up our own native courts to sit, judge cases and do reviews and resolution of Yorùbá-to-Yorùbá matters.

Yorùbá communities impacted by COVID-19

We will get the full support services that are available to Yorùbá members in any community affected by Covid-19 virus including families and Yorùbá front line service staff.

Humanitarian Aid

This will be delivered through the Consular outreach to all the channels and responsible authorities in the local countries. You will not be left on your own and all the benefits due to you will be recovered for you.

Coming up…

Other critical services that are currently at high level stages of planning by the consular services: Installation of Oba Yorùbá UK, Oba Yorùbá USA (critical for the image and presence of, and planned unification of all Yorùbá in diaspora), Yorùbá Business Community Initiatives, Funding channels of Yorùbá projects, Yorùbá Town inside of London and New York cities, Investment in Yorùbá community buildings, Yorùbá welfare back home.

Join our programmes

Please join us on our live programmes with the following nationalist social media houses and professionals


Over the long time that our volunteers have separately been supporting our Yoruba communities in the UK we have recorded some positive results which have boosted our morale, inspiration and have propelled us up to this level that we have come together to open a consulate welfare support services for the Yoruba communities in UK and in the US.
The following beneficiaries will at times convenient to them give their testimonies live on our media programmes
There are many more success stories like these ones that would have turned sour but for the invitation of YWCSS volunteers. Thanks to God and also to all that assisted in turning their situations into success stories.

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Your kind donation will go to support the introduction of our Yorùbá Nation’s determination to showcase our strongly bonded community to the world through our Yorùbá Consular Welfare Support Services’ (YCWSS) vital work which we are carrying out to provide help, care and support as we resolutely work towards obtaining our own Yorùbá sovereignty.

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